Blacklight 3.2 released!

15 Dec 2011

Release 3.2.0 of Project Blacklight is now available via Ruby Gems. We've posted an upgrade guide to the Blacklight wiki Blacklight 3.2 Release Notes and Upgrade Guide, with information about upgrading to use the asset pipeline, new per-controller configuration, and more. Here are the major new features in Blacklight 3.2:

  • This release requires Rails 3.1 and the Rails asset pipeline.
  • CSS uses the asset pipeline (as SCSS) and support modular overriding of styles
  • Catalog configuration was refactored from a global configuration to a per-controller, DSL-based configuration
  • Facets rendering refactor, which makes it easier to override the display of facet fields
  • Updated blacklight-jetty to use Solr 3.5 (and update the version of SolrMarc distributed in Blacklight to 2.3.1)

The JIRA issues are at Blacklight 3.2 release

The full source code can be found on GitHub

Also, the GitHub compare view of this release vs. our last release is located at v3.1.0...v.3.2.0