Blacklight 3.1 released!

28 Sep 2011

Release 3.1.0 of Project Blacklight is now available via Ruby Gems. Instructions for installing Blacklight or upgrading an existing installation can be found on our wiki. Here are just a few things that are new in Blacklight 3.0:

  • Fixes for various deprecation warnings and other features for Rails 3.1 compatibility (note that Rails 3.1 asset pipeline/scss work will be in a future release, this is purely compatibility work)
  • Patches from the Hydra Project cleaning up our code (thanks Justin!)
  • Fix for CODEBASE-350: kaminari performance terrible with large number of pages. If you've made local modifications to your pagination template, be sure to read through the ticket.
  • Removed integrated unAPI support. The mechanism unAPI was changed into a (loosely) controlled vocabulary in HTML5 and the unAPI maintainers were uninterested in the HTML5 "link relation" process. unAPI support is still available through the blacklight_unapi plugin ( if you wish to continue using unAPI.

The JIRA issues are at Blacklight 3.1 release

The full source code can be found on GitHub

Also, the GitHub compare view of this release vs. our last release is located at v3.0.0...v.3.1.0