Blacklight 2.9 released!

02 May 2011

This is a relatively minor release, however it will be the last release that supports Rails 2. Shortly after this release, the "master" branch of Blacklight will be Rails 3 only. Future releases will distributed as Rails 3-compatible gems. Details on this migration, and documentation to assist implementors during the migration process will be forthcoming.

For Blacklight 2.9.0, the major feature is the solr_search_params refactor (CODEBASE-307 and documented on the wiki). For implementations that heavily customized the search experience, be sure to read the documentation around this new feature and update your applications accordingly.

There are also a handful of bug fixes, mainly in the test suite.

The JIRA issues are at Blacklight 2.9 release

Also, the GitHub compare view of this release vs. our last release is located at v2.8.0...v.2.9.0