Blacklight 2.8 released!

11 Apr 2011

List of fixes and enhancements for this version can be found here.

Highlights include:

  • upgrade to work with Rails 2.3.11
  • improved add/remove bookmarks and selected items UI
  • improved JS behavior architecture, more easily over-rideable and re-useable in your local app
  • built-in unAPI support
  • changed email/SMS architecture for easier per-format-type local over-riding

Also, the GitHub compare view of this release vs. our last release is located at

NOTE WELL: After upgrading from a former version, you will need to add these two lines to config/blacklight_config.rb (or any other initializer) in order to maintain email/SMS functionality:

    # Email uses the semantic fields mappings below to generate the body
    # of an email.
    SolrDocument.use_extension( Blacklight::Solr::Document::Email )

    # SMS uses the semantic fiels mappings below to generate the body of
    # an SMS email.
    SolrDocument.use_extension( Blacklight::Solr::Document::Sms )