Pssst. Blacklight 2.6 released

30 Sep 2010

Blacklight version 2.6 is now available on GitHub. You can find the 2.6.0 tagged release at

Users are encouraged to use BL 2.6, it has a bunch of changes from 2.5,
including refactorings to allow local over-riding and configuration, as
well as add-on plug-ins, to integrate more cleanly. 2.6 is neccesary
for the existing add-on plugins like advanced search and date range
limit. 2.6 also includes major improvements to Atom and RSS feeds.

To see major features or fixes included in 2.6 see:

To see a list of every single code change, via git commits, between 2.5
and 2.6, see:…v2.6.0