monthly open skype call?

31 Aug 2009

Dear Blacklight community,

One of the goals that I and the other project committers have for project blacklight is to strike a healthy balance between project inclusiveness and the ability to produce high quality software in a short time period, which is easier with a small group of people. Currently, the project committers have a weekly phone call where we assign tasks, check on progress, hash out bug fixes, and decide on features for new releases, as well as discuss ideas for project management and coordination. This is a great system from the point of view of developing software, but lately we’ve been feeling that it doesn’t pay enough attention to the inclusiveness side of this project’s goals.

An idea we’ve been tossing around is to have a monthly skype call where anyone could participate. This might be of interest to you if you have questions or concerns that you want to discuss with the project’s programmers, or if you have a feature request you want to advocate for, or if you just want to have more input in the decision making for the project.

Our skype calls are usually on Fridays at 1pm North American Eastern time. I propose that our first all-comers call be October 9 at this usual time. If you’d like to participate:

1. Email me your skype id and let me know you want to be included

2. Before the call, please make sure you have headphones, a microphone, and the fastest internet service available to you (e.g., if you have a choice, please use a land line at your office, not the wireless at the coffeeshop). The more people we have in a skype call the more difficult it is to speak, and one bad audio setup can ruin things for everyone.

As we get closer to the date, I’ll send out a reminder email and we can start forming an agenda.

What do we think, community? Is this a good idea?