2.3 release

31 Jul 2009

The 2.3 release has just been uploaded. We’re now releasing both a demo app, for people who are just getting started or doing a fresh installation, and a plugin, for people who want to update an existing installation or plug blacklight search and discovery into another rails app. Be sure to also read the updated installation instructions and rdocs.

Here are the highlights of this release (paraphrased from the official jira-generated release notes):

  1. installation instructions are now maintained in rdoc, and transformed to html with hanna. This makes our docs much more attractive and easy to search than they were previously. You can see the outcome at http://blacklight.rubyforge.org, where we publish our auto-generated rdocs.
  2. The demo app now uses solrmarc for indexing marc records. The previous ruby-based marc indexer is still there, but the instructions direct users to the solrmarc-based rake task. Generally, we don’t want to duplicate effort with solrmarc. It makes sense for that project to handle all our marc indexing needs, and we’ll just maintain a rake task and a config file for the demo project.
  3. Better graphic design for the demo app! You can see this in action at http://demo.projectblacklight.org
  4. Better error handling
  5. Capistrano deploy script for the demo app, which can be adapted for local deployment
  6. We merged the home controller into the catalog controller so removing all your searches now takes you back to the front page
  7. RefWorks and EndNote export
  8. Email and SMS texting of records
  9. Required gems are now vendored (i.e., distributed with the download), which we hope will make installation easier

Give this release a try and let us know what you think! As always, please join us on the mailing list if you have questions.